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Nothing that we do at Marketing Eats is an accident. No great results come in from a guess or from shooting in the dark. Every campaign, every design, every blog and every social media post comes from a well thought out and researched plan, backed up with analytics and measurable data.

Effective conversion management is a holistic endeavor that encompasses all online marketing channels. Do you have an in depth knowledge of your businesses objectives? Are you in the right position to make informed decisions about how your online presence is performing? At Marketing Eats, we use a range of technologies to ensure you are meeting objectives and gauging how your online presence is working for you (or against you)

  • Managing your performance online
  • Implementing the changes when things aren't perfect
  • Communicating with you to ensure you know where things are at in the process
  • Identifying which mediums will give you the best conversion rate
Google Anlytics for Restaurants

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conversion rate optimization for Restaurants

By using the latest technology and reporting systems to analyse your business, we can figure out which of our broad range of services you can benefit most from, and when that’s sorted, we can undergo extensive research and metrics analysis to determine how we go about getting you the best possible conversion rate optimization.

When your campaign or marketing plan has been implemented, we will constant re assess its progress and make any changes if need be. More so, we will always see you in the loop and share the good the bad and the ugly with you.

Our Approach

Communication is Key

If your campaign isn’t doing what we thought it would, we won’t keep you in the dark. We will provide straightforward communication. Likewise, we will tell you when we are kicking goals.

SEO And SEM Conversion Management

Marketing Eats perform ongoing tracking of approved keyword strings and other SEO activities to measure ROI, ad spend and other crucial factors.

Content Marketing Reviews

We have the tools and the experience to review each service on its own merits to identify opportunities to improve such as A/B split testing, social media reports and a heap more.

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