Content Marketing
That Speaks Volumes

Give Customers A Reason To Choose You

The words that you put in front of people on your website is almost as important as the food. A great website with just the right amount of quality content that really speaks to your audience is the first step in convincing them that you are different, and that they should visit your restaurant.

There may be a dozen restaurants just in your local area alone that appear similar to yours on the surface. While you know that you are unique, your potential customers are waiting for a reason to choose you over the rest of your competition.

The content on your website is the first step in allowing people to learn about you, your business and your story.

Through content marketing, we can communicate directly to your target audience in a tone and style that resonates with them, convincing them through the power of words that your restaurant is for them.

Content marketing is a proven way to build your community, deepen your brand engagement, raise your visibility online and increase the time spent on your site.

  • Content that speaks directly to your consumers and site visitor
  • Communication of your brand message
  • Working with SEO to increase your place on search engine
  • Audience and industry research to create captivating copy writing
  • Attract the right kind of customer
copy writing for Restaurant website

The right audience, at the right time

Content Marketing for Restaurant

At Marketing Eats, we start by identifying the right audience. We work with you to understand your specific business challenges and your best bet when it comes to what kind of medium will be more affective for you.

By working with your restaurant to see what it is that makes you unique, we can determine where quality traffic and customers are likely to come from, and then work out a plan of attack to attract new customers.

When done by the right people (Marketing Eats, of course) content marketing is as simple as making the internet sit up and pay attention to the message you want to send out to the world.

Combines with other marketing strategies, great content helps your brand create an affective path to success.

Our team will assess your current website, and see what improvements we can make to attract, engage and convert customers. We see where your current content is missing the mark and fill those gaps to create the right user experience.

Our Approach

A Plan For Success

While our creative juices are always flowing, we combine this with a well thought out plan and strategy that ensures the timely creation and promotion of relevant, engaging and optimised content.

Reach Active Prospective Customers

Connect with people who are actively researching and move them through the process and into your restaurant.

Build Trust And Rapport

Demonstrate your authority and be the name on everybody’s lips long before your food is. Rank highly on search engines give customers complete faith that you are the right option for them.

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