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At Marketing Eats, we’re on a mission to ensure that what you put in is significantly less than what you get out. Every campaign we launch delivers a return on investment you simply won’t find elsewhere. Because we are constantly updating and optimising your campaign, we are always putting your restaurant two steps ahead of your competitors.

Search Engine Marketing basically means that you are paying Google to be featured up on the top. By providing this type of marketing and advertising to your new restaurant, we are able to give your customers ample opportunities to spot you.

Today, there are plenty of ways in which you can reach to your customers. Because of this, there is also more competition, and results pages and search engines are flooded with content begging to be noticed. Though there is ample opportunity, being the one that stands out can be a challenge. This is where search engine marketing is the hero, swooping in to place your brand on a pedestal.

  • Communication and progress reports let
  • you know where your money is being spent
  • Targeted pay per click campaigns convert visitors into customers
  • More opportunities to get your name out there and
  • in front of the right people
  • Great ROI, helping you get much more out that what you put in
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What's So Great About Search Engine Marketing Anyway?

Search engine marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns allows you to not only reach more people,but also the right type of people. While SEO campaigns mean we are determining what your target audience are searching for, PPC for restaurants puts it in front of their eyes. You can choose your audiences based on where they live, their interests and a range of other factors. This guarantees that your message hits the mark.

We’re sure you know that every day, thousands of diners relyon Google Ads for finding a restaurant to eat. If your restaurant does not rank highly and give people a reason to sit up and pay attention in a populated marketplace, you could be suffering.

Besides gaining customers, Search Engine Marketing makes your brand appear more professional and prominent, opening you up to potential food blogger and journalism opportunities.

Pay per click marketing gives your business multiple opportunities to attract the eye of your customer, making it an investment you shouldn’t ignore.

Our Approach

Data Made Attractive

While marketing campaigns can be all about great visuals and attractive designs, data is at the foundation of all our PPC campaigns. Before we even get around to brainstorming a strategy, we get deep into market research and work with you to understand your long- and short-term goals.

Creativity Meets Analytics

While data and industry trends are vital, we don’t compromise on our creativity. Our teams work hand in hand to ensure every aspect complements the other.

Constant Improvement

PPC campaigns require significant research and planning, so we are always learning and developing our skills to make sure you are getting the best possible result for your restaurant.

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