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Your search engine optimisation strategy will focus on your customers and what they are searching for, so that you can be their answer. Understanding your client base and target audience, what they are looking for and what are their objectives is the key to making sure you are targeting the right people and drawing them to your site.

At Marketing Eats, we carry out SEO for restaurants websites with great food and a great story to tell and help them compete on Google to draw the attention that they deserve.

For an industry such as hospitality and more specifically, for restaurants, customers are flocking to search engines to find a good place to visit. Make sure that you are in a prime position to expose yourself to as many potential clients as possible with a properly thought out and conducted SEO restaurant campaign. We include the locality of your restaurant, helping to narrow down the search results even further, and attract those customers who are in proximity

  • In-depth SEO research
  • Attract customers with convenience and keep them with your service
  • Marketing to your local geographic area, attracting customers with fast service and immediate results
  • Achieving the best possible position for all relevant searches
  • Direct mail marketing that puts your business in people's inboxes, and the forefront of their minds.
  • Local SEO restaurants
Local SEO for restaurants

Restaurant SEO With Lasting Results


There are a number of ways to get SEO results, but there are only a few specific ways to achieve long lasting ones. At Marketing Eats, we do not believe in quick fixes that temporary results, instead weaim at crafting campaigns that ensure long lasting success. We regularly review and refresh our keyword research, ensuring that your business always stays ahead of the game and achieves the best result possible.

SEO for restaurants can be a survival of the fittest approach. Just like in the Hunger Games, those who use all their tricks straight away are the first to be eliminated. Great results take time, and so we take care to produce individual plans with the future in mind, not just the tomorrow.

Ranking high on a search engine makes total business sense. As long as people continue to use search engines to find restaurants, companies will continue competing for those top spots to reap the benefits of being visible online.

Our Approach

Data Driven Response

We will conduct an SEO audit, using keyword research tools and ranking technology to find valuable information about how your website is performing in terms of specific searches and locations. We use this as a baseline for improvement.

Supportive And Dedicated Team

At Marketing Eats, we provide streamlined communication and all the support you need to succeed. We don’t keep you in the dark, nor do we flood you with data and information you can’t decipher. Your appointed point of contact will always be available to integrate the needs and goals of your business.

Up-To-Date Training

The landscape online is forever changing and evolving, and so are we. Our SEO knowledge is always being developed to ensure we are educated on the latest Google Algorithm updates. We can provide both, overarching and local SEO for your restaurants.

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